Chinese Market – Projects that need professional promotions & advertisement

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Will Chinese clients like my product? So many overseas project companies are confused about how they can promote their project more efficiently and lower their marketing budget.  How do you get a professional promotion or advertisement in China?
I – Understanding External Competitors

Before promoting – do you know the relative information about your competitive product? What is a competitive product?  We can classify immigration products by area, by program, content, by new emerging product, or mainstream product. For example, if we classify the product by area – what’s the difference between Greece buying property immigration and the investment immigration in Ireland?  Except the price, what useful information should you know? What’s the difference between EB-5 and Grenada Citizenship program?  What’s the difference between a new program like Caribbean 5 countries citizenship program and traditional immigration program in US, Canada, Australia? When people get in touch with a new product they will often get a reference.  For example, if the main product of a Chinese agency is Australian Investment Immigration, how can I input Vanuatu citizenship program into this agency’s product matrix? So you need to understand the agency’s main product and understand how it differs from your own. Can you clearly explain all potential problems in the application process?  The price?  The target investors profiles, the range of investors, the application process time, the difficulty level and other key sections during the application process? What is the most common reason why applicants get rejected?  We need to promote the products to suitable Chinese agencies.  We need to sit down and discuss with those in charge of the product or project.  The project managers are in charge of filtering projects. After the discussion they can find a suitable direction for the marketing and get the detailed demand of potential investors.  After the demand is confirmed, there will be sales team training, marketing, event organization, consulting, and a signing agreement plan.  Finally the project company can get investors.  

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